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19 Rooms Plus, Plus

This 19-room motel represents a very unique opportunity. Previously, this motel had 45 rooms, and a fire last year reduced it to 19.  The result is almost three acres of prime real-estate frontage. In addition to the motel, there is a very nice four-bedroom, two bath home included in this offering. The sleeping rooms are all in good condition and every room is a double. Currently the motel is generating between $10,000-$15,000 in monthly revenue.

This property is among four motels located at the Route 27, I-70, about 45 minutes from downtown St. Louis. This is the only outdoor-corridor, non-franchised hotel at this exit. The same Owners have been here for 20 years, and their kids are now raised, and they are ready to move on to their next venture.

For further details, please execute our Confidentiality Agreement. You can email the Agreement back to

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