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About Us


Serving the Commercial property needs of Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana is the purpose of Illiana Properties.We were founded by a businessman and an Attorney / businessman who were motivated by the inadequate representation that they had both experienced in either buying or selling their own businesses. Our mission is to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

Our experience in owning small businesses, construction, banking, local and state government, financial services, and drafting and implementing various TIF agreements gives us the background to adequately cater to the commercial needs of our clients. We maintain a high level of integrity and discretion through all the phases of the process, and take very seriously the obligation of guarding sensitive and privileged information.


When dealing with Illiana Properties, you can be assured that you will receive prompt, accurate, and informed responses to your inquiries. You can expect to be treated fairly and professionally; regardless of whether you are a client or just someone calling for information. We will make every effort to ensure that your Commercial needs are given the priority and confidentiality that you deserve.


Thanks for considering Illiana Properties, we hope you choose to use our services.

Our Experience


As commercial Real Estate Brokers, we fully understand the complexities and challenges of selling an ongoing concern. Integrity, discretion, knowledge and professionalism are the four pillars of Illiana Properties. We live by these four key principles in all phases and stages of the transaction. Bringing an able and willing buyer together with a qualified seller is very rewarding but the complicated process requires adherence to a set of moral and legal codes.

At Illiana Properties, we understand that selling your business, farm, or MDU complex can be a HUGE decision, and one that is not entered into without serious forethought and consideration. We respect the time, effort, sacrifice and capital that you have contributed to your venture. We will attempt to maintain the highest level of discretion during this sometimes lengthy and trying transaction. We will guard your information and protect not only your privacy, but also the value of your investment with assiduous energy.

As an intermediary, we take great pride and care in bringing only qualified and serious buyers to the negotiating table. We screen all buyers and require that they execute a Non Disclosure Agreement before any sensitive information is disseminated. We do our very best to eliminate both “fishing trips” and “nosey” competitors. Maintaining the normal flow of your day to day operation is extremely important to both buyer and seller; therefore we judiciously schedule our on site visits during the due-diligence phase.

There are numerous tax and legal ramifications to every transaction, so we carefully examine the structure of the deal. If necessary, we employ outside expertise in the area of Business and Tax Law and fully discuss with both sides the costs and consequences of such actions. One of our four pillars is knowledge, and we want fully informed and content parties all the way around.


Whether you are buying or selling a farm, a motel, a convenience store, a machine shop, an apartment complex, an entertainment center, undeveloped commercial property or any other business…you can count on Illiana Properties to get the deal done right!

Meet The Staff

John Brooks, President of Illiana Properties, purchased his first business in 1991. In his first acquisition he bought a motel and restaurant at an auction. In the decade that followed, he bought and sold 10 different businesses. He then spent five years in a Bank as the Registered Investment Advisor before starting Illiana Properties.


 John has been married to his wife Deborah for over 40 years, they have five children and the current grandchild count is ten.


As the office administrator, Aubrie handles all the day-to-day activities at Illiana Properties. Web-site management, marketing, technology, interfacing with our advertising vendors, updating and maintaining the marketing packets, monitoring compliance issues with both the state of Illinois and the state of Indiana. Basically, handling all of the administrative functions of Illiana Properties.

Previously, Aubrie worked in banking and the cell phone industry. Aubrie is a graduate of Lincoln Trail College, is married and has one child.

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