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What Is Your Business Worth?

If you were to put your operation on the market today what would it sell for? What would be the current value of your business or your business and real estate?

There are many reasons that a business owner wishes to determine value; financing, estate planning, divorce, partnership buy-outs or dissolution, death, pending lawsuits, etc. Regardless of the reason, we provide a current market analysis for your business. Depending on the revenue and the complexity of the business to be evaluated, our fees range from $500-$2,000.

We provide a Business Brokers Opinion of Value (BBOV) which is calculated looking at three factors:

a.) EBITDA- the current multiple which is calculated using historical financials.

b.) Debt Service Coverage Ratio- which is determined after reviewing the tax returns and the current lending environment.

c. Comps- we will research businesses that are similar to yours and see what they have actually sold for in the last 12 months.

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