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15 Rooms and A House


Illiana Properties is excited about our latest offering. This 15 unit motel is ideally located in this thriving community in Southeastern Illinois. This property has very consistent revenue and has been properly maintained.

In addition to the sleeping rooms, this property has a 4 bedroom house in which the lobby is located. The house was remodeled three years ago and has a great kitchen and a spacious living room.

This motel has a history of catering to workers that stay on a weekly basis and it is not uncommon to sell every room, every night. There are two large industrial complexes within 15 minutes of this motel that constantly drive business. The quality of life afforded in this town of 7,500 is enhanced by its proximity to Evansville, Indiana. This motel truly represents a “quality of life” opportunity.

For further details, please execute our Confidentiality Agreement. You can email the Agreement back to or fax to 618-563-9310.


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